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call to Create
AN online group
for artists

MEETS biweekly january-june 2023

Influencer Shooting a Video


Start the year with a renewed intention to create supported by others with similar priorities to you: exploring your creativity, empowering yourself, and strengthening your self-care and self-compassion. Folks will meet over Zoom for 90 minutes biweekly.

A Young Woman Writing


Explore new ways to create and learn about yourself from the comfort of your own home. Space is given for self-exploration in an affirming and validating group setting, led by Jessi Huffman, LPC - a mental health professional, creative, and a skilled group facilitator.

Student in Library


The initial meeting will invite you to explore your priorities for the year and what you would like to accomplish within and outside yourself. Members will cheer each other on and offer support of each other's progress week to week as you grow in confidence.

FAQs about Group

"Do I have to be a professional artist to join?"
No! :) The folks in this group may be people who create for a living, they may dabble in various mediums, or they may be in uncharted territory learning something new. But they have one thing in common: they all get stuck somewhere along the way in their creative process. By the end of the group you will have explored various outlets for your creativity, and hopefully will have found some new and familiar ways of expression that feel meaningful to you on a renewed level. 
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