I truly love the work I do as a counselor. It excites and invigorates me to watch you take hold of and become empowered by what you already know about yourself, gain insight and confidence, and and allow those insights to transform your life and relationships. I work with a range of concerns for individuals -and I find joy in creating a safe space for you to share anything on your mind. 

I have experience and interest in working with people identifying as part of the LGBTQ communities, people experiencing anxiety and/or panic attacks, folks working to explore and free their artistic pursuits, and those invested in challenging their own intersected systems of privilege and marginalization. 

Taking the first step to reach out and talk to a counselor can be difficult. I want to make this step as easy as possible for you. Please e-mail, or leave a message on the website with any questions at all. You may also book an appointment directly from this site. I offer free consultations so you can be sure we are a good fit before moving forward in our work together. 

My therapeutic orientation is psychodynamic at its core. Psychodynamic therapy is focused on the unconscious processes that affect and guide our behavior. By raising our awareness of our unconscious mind, we can better understand our behavior, thoughts, and feelings and ultimately integrate our understanding into a more whole self. In addition, I integrate cognitive and mindfulness-based therapies when indicated. I understand all that we talk about through a systems lens, which is a recognition that we do not live in a vacuumm but are rather influenced by the world around us - our families, communities, and the larger bodies - and that there are many intersections of inequalities in these systems.

I have lived in the Portland and Salem areas for the past 20 years and have had a range of experiences in the helping professions before beginning my private practice in 2016, shortly after I graduated from George Fox University's Clinical Mental Health Counseling program and was honored with the Most Outstanding Student Award upon completion of two internships in community mental health and private practice settings.





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