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ABOUT chronic pain

Jessi Huffman offers counseling for chronic pain in Salem, OR

Chronic pain can feel frustrating, isolating, and hopeless. It can affect your ability to participate in the activities you once loved. When we aren't coping well with physical pain we are more prone to experience anxiety, depression, sleep problems, less connection in our relationships, and anger. We may not even know why these issues are happening, or may not believe they are connected to our issues of chronic pain. 


Counseling for chronic pain can help to improve your pain tolerance, relationships, and coping skills. I will walk through different ways to reduce stress and anxiety while working through your chronic pain, such as guided imagery, deep breathing, and relaxation techniques. Rather than addressing the pain itself, we will work to gain insight into the amount of pain you can take before your physical or emotional breaking point, and learning techniques to become more tolerant. This work is all done in the safety of the counseling relationship, where you will feel deeply understood and less isolated. 

Taking the first step to reach out and talk to a counselor can be really difficult. I want to make this step as easy as possible for you. Please feel free to call, e-mail, or leave a message on the website with any questions at all. You may also book an appointment directly from this site. I offer free consultations so you can be sure we are a good fit before moving forward in our work together. 

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